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Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Rantings of a Hormonal Somebody!!!

Before i say anything i want to say thanks to all of u who read my last post, ur comments were very muchly appreciated. The thing is i'm about 40 pages deep into MOARS (memoirs of a reluctant socialite) so i definitely cant post the whole thing. Will continue to do excerpts though and some of the other stuff i've written. Abi?

It's Tuesday morning and i can feel myself slipping into a mild bout of depression. I'm doin evrything i can to stop it but it seems hell bent on happening so i think maybe i should let it. I'm rocking back and forth in my chair cos ive got bad cramps (really ouch) and the office is practically empty (other lawyers have one do or the other) So the jnr Associate is going to get saddled with all the work. I'm not in a crappy mood yet but i'm definitely on the Red Eye there.

I have a lot of stuff on my mind, mostly money ish! Now is the time i'm angry at my father for not being Aliko Dangote or some other rich b@$t@rd and at the same time i want to beat the crap out of myself for thinking like that. Afterall even Dangote has money ish, now i so wouldnt want to be an Ibru or an Akingbola. Chai, my mother declared wanted by EFCC, i wouldnt even show my anonymous face on blogger. Uneasy itches the arse that sits on a pile of cash!

I'm just worried and it's human nature to worry but i need a release. What a better forum for release that blogger???

Plus i have ex-boyfriend issues on the one hand which i am totally not ready to deal with. Guys please help me out on this. Am i being unreasonable not to want to get back together with someone who had a bbq last wkend to which one proud member of his harem (or wateva he wants to call it) showed up. I mean this was a loony that stalked me and harassed me while the said ex and I were still together. Am i overreacting by being upset that obviously they are still chummy enough for her to show up at his bbq. Me think not o! Right now all i have to say in the matter is in the only Ijaw phrase i know....Ta! bogo so!

Plus Skye Bank is stupid jo! Hakuna matata my arse, you guys are worrying me big time. So if a corper opens a savings account, its not a savings account again? Why should i bring another ID to open another account? Mschewwwwwwww!!!

Plus my boss just asked me to do a reminder to this bank that overcharged our clients account by several millions of naira, i'm almost tempted to ask him whether this really matters seeing as the said client is on the CBN Debtors list and owes several billions. How will the few measly millions the bank supposedly owes him help???

I put in my resignation letter yesterday, (supposed to be taking off for a study leave) so maybe i should just drag my feet on evrything i have to do and instead prepare elaborate 2 page handover notes and dash my colleagues all my work.

Of which my friend has accused me of being Ayoka (Rookie Lawyer) Nothing i say can dissuade her from this notion, short of giving her the link to this blog (hmnnnnnnnn!) Anyways with the stuff thats been on mind i cant blame her. I've even started following Ayoka on Blogger but she doesnt update her blog regularly jo! Seems This Day Lawyer is a more lucrative and rewarding forum. Maybe i should call The Guardian and see if they'll publish my blog, seeing as they like to copy This Day (refer to Guardian Life and This Day Style) As for Vanguard Allure, the caption should read "....extra newspaper to line your cupboard" I'm being very catty abi? Its the hormones!

Anyways i'm half heartedly feeling much better already. This was just a meaningless rant, a sort of five minute release.

Thank God for blogger!


Rene said...

lol....good to know u're feeling better.

Chari said...

eeeyaa pele dear! hmmn who is Ayoka? Lemme have her link oh....it sweird though...you're upset but I find it funny in a scathing sort of way

Nice Anon said...

Being chummy with a stalker is hardly believable.

Neo said...

@ Chari, thank jare o. today even tried to be worse sef! i no gree am. Ayoka's link is rookielawyer.blogspot.com

@Nice Anon, thank u o jare!

blogoratti said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Ayoka said...

Hi - I (try) to update Rookie on Blogger!