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Wednesday, August 19, 2009


Ahem! Seems like i am getting the hang of this whole blogging thing. You see i am a very dedicated addict in everything i do. I have decided to shift my focus from the now boring Facebook (I was the one everyone in the office came to for advice on blocking annoying friends to starting groups- that was when i realised i had a problem) I had a brief stint on Twitter but didnt stick, it shoud be called Bwitter (for boring) or Psycho-Stalktter! I mean who cares if P Diddy is tweeting from his sick bed and seeing the angels. I swear that dude has an epiphany each time he has a common cold. Ehen! So as i was saying i am settling into Blogsville as you old timers would say and lovin it.

I often leave my "uncompleted building" (in the spirit of the metaphor) and dash down to some nice "mansions" in Blogsville. I think Sir Scribbles is the Mayor of Blogsville (i stand to be corrected o, but the dude is pushing 100 posts for crying out loud, anyone else would be the Obama or something) Then i "met" someone with the same name and dashed down to theirs to see if we were related. I've been to Rene's and her post on kissing brought back some memories! Chai (my new best exclamation) Then there's this building next to mine, that doesnt even have a roof! The funniest part about that is that the owner of said building was the one who suggested i move to Blogsville. Jonahiam, should you ever read this, you know yourself!

The reason i like Blogsville is cos its a honest to goodness utopian society, every body says watever they want to, not like Reallifesville where you cant tell the annoying wannabe-the-boss-tho-i'm-not what you really think of the way they strut around the office staring at your system and pretending to be busy when they actually delegate all their work to the Junior Associates! Yes, that was resentment. I cant actually tell SA (Snr Associate/ Snr Asshole) that he should stick his pinnochio-ish nose into his own work and let me carry on with my faffing ( i believe a well balanced mix of faffing and working results in a more productive me) There was one time SA actually asked me why i had chosen to work from the library that day! lmagine asking a lawyer that, e for go ask farmer why e carry hoe go farm. I couldn't even form the words to reply him. Anyways more on SA later, i need to dedicate a whole post to handling his matter.

Then there are the other inhabitants of Blogsville, who i think moved to Blogsville to live the fantasy life they've always wanted. That in itself is no crime o, not at all. The crime for which they should be exiled is feeding us a long line and insisting its the real thing. Haba! I left people like urself in Reallifesville o! If you want to spin fiction by all means do so and we the citizens of Blogsville will help you down your path to stardom and not to a Lie-lie Anonymous meeting. Lol. See me i'm very blunt when i'm in Reallifesville so imagine me in Blogsville!

So i am comfortably settled in my new home, i've done some pimping as you can see (if you've been here before) More stylish amendments coming soon.

So this is just to say that i'm getting the hang of this, slowly but surely. Thank you all that have dropped by to say welcome. I will definitely be returning the visit if i havent already. Expect more virtual blogs and if anything note worthy fails to occur in this life of mine i can always treat you to a page or two from the lives of my alter egos. Would have loved to say more but i think i smell SA coming. Byeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!



Neo said...

Eureka! Comment away.

Sir Scribbles II said...


Sir Scribbles II said...

please can everyone else line up behind me...thank you very much

Sir Scribbles II said...

Wen u first land in blogsville u win't realise the depth og it's intricacy, there are sooo many pple wiv some many ideas and thots that sometimes it's hard to keep up, glad to know you've settled in my dear...don't worry the comments will start flowing soon

Sumptuous said...

@scribbles, It's ojoro, do u know how long i have been waitin 2 comment? Technically I'm numero uno! Neo, tell him. Besides, u no even talk sef, just come and be shouting first! (In case u neva know, I dey vex) Neo, na ur fault o, you went to go and "pimp ur blog" your mansion is taking shape o! me i like the new template sha, It's easy on the eyes not that neon sign u had before, it got me thinking u were neon and d 2nd 'n' got missing sumhow, this is a beautifully written piece, as a neighbour in this villa, i hail u: well done.

Neo said...

@ Scribbles, mehn this place is an empire o. If i could beam myself into Blogsville i would o (ok i take that back b4 i start dreaming abt lil green men trying to drag me into my laptop) seriously tho its a whole world to discover
@ sumptuous my neighbour u no say i be JJC b4 but now my leg don dey strong. lol at the neon sign missing the "N"

Rene said...

I was meant to be the first on this blog joh! nt fair....good dt u r settling down
wait! did she just call me out? asin say Rene on her post...omdz!