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Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Dedicated to Blogsville

Hello good people, i know its been ages and some of u are justified if u've forgotten who i am. I can't really explain my absence, its not like i made a conscious decision to stop blogging, neither is it because i have nothing to say. I just stopped, I even thought I had 'outgrown' this blog so I started a new one where i'm not anonymous but i haven't been dilligent with that as well.

Anyway I'm here now and i dont know if I'm back for good, but this morning i got up and started to read my old posts, trying to figure out where my head was at this time last year. On paper a lot has changed, i feel like i have changed but sometimes i feel like nothing has changed.

I made a promise a while back, that if i finished my masters with a distinction, i'd dedicate it to the good people of blogsville. Well consider this my dedication cos i did! I dont know how it happened and one month later I'm still in shock, i check the results page often just to be sure they didnt make a mistake :) I just want to say a big thank you to all of you, you're beyond special. These "strangers" who have touched my life in a way that I will never forget. I remember how some of you encouraged me and sent me well wishes, and how it never seemed perfunctory. So this is me saying a very big THANK YOU from the bottom of my heart.

In other news, i'm back in Nigeria. Was it always this hot? Or have our sins become so much that hell has decided to come to us. Kai. Its good to be back, to eat homegrown food in the proper way. So much has happened since I last blogged and if I decide to do a post it'd morph into an autobiography so i'll just take it from here with subtle references to the past when necessary.

In still other news, how've y'all been?

Wednesday, June 30, 2010

The Search for Moneybags; When Golddigging is essential

I have decided to shun my 15k word dissertation for some therapeutic cleansing, basically i am going to present my argument for gold digging and will welcome rebuttals or otherwise. For years we have been taught that gold digging is bad, marrying for money is a vice and should be frowned upon. Now i'm going to sell the other side to you the case of the proverbial gold digger....

She defines the word beautiful, oozes confidence and sex appeal like larva from an angry volcano, she smiles like she knows your secrets and she makes you feel like Poseidon in the midst of a tsunami. The only thing is you're 75, bald, missing a couple of teeth, own 50% stock of the Viagra brand and sometimes can't remember her name and still she wants you. What could it be about you that she seems to love so much, everyone else says its your multi billion bank balance, but no it couldn't be. She sees into your soul where echoes of the man you once were lies, she is the only one who still can or heck maybe she makes all those Viagra and hormone pills worth it. Who cares about the bank balance right?

He is disgusting! Coughs all the time and has skin like rumpled paper, his breath reeks of garlic pills and when he smiles you just want to pass out. He keeps talking about the war and you're not sure if its the one in Iraq or the one at Waterloo. He wants to do it all the time and it takes too long for the friggin Viagra to kick in and each time you pray that he doesnt slump on top of you for good before its time for the wedding. You hate it but you lie there and grit your teeth and think of that Birkin, or the holiday in St. Tropez or how your name would look carved above the words CEO, Moneybags Ltd, and then you smile and even manage to scream his name. At the end of the day we're all making sacrifices.

That's the Goldie and Moneybags we know and we hate it, she's disgusting, taking advantage of a poor old man because of his money. Gold digging has taken on a different shape today and everyone has a shovel, we're all just digging for different things.

I had a shovel too, though i must admit it didn't dig too deep, i wanted a man who fears God, not too shabby in the looks dept, loves me and blah blah blah. My shovel turned up quite a few but the truth is i found that sometimes the layers of dirt usually fell off and sometimes i ended up with something a few metres south of what i was looking for, with all those layers somehow i had missed it.

I guess when you turn 25 and have no man, boyfriend, fiance, husband, benefactor or otherwise the 'gurus' descend with words of wisdom: 'lower ur standards, Mcdreamy lives in Shonda Rhimes head in Seattle.' Maybe i should listen, they might have a point but i just love to be a non-conformist so guess what i do, i up my standards. Now dude has to be rich, yes i said it, dial 911! Before you crucify me and label me Anna Nicky Smith let me reach the end of my argument and i will do so by telling you a little story;

Irene was married before, she was young, rebellious and in love, so she dropped out of school and married the man of the moment, had 2 kids. The marriage fails and she finds herself alone, overweight, a single mother of 2 living with her parents. Then she gets a job, its not much but it comes with a self contained apartment. She moves, leaves the kids with her parents and then she meets Peter, within a couple months Peter practically lives with her and by the next year they're married. Business is good, she gets a better job, can afford to move to a 3 bed flat with the kids, she has another kid. Life keeps getting better. Peter doesn't have a 9-5, he's a 'businessman' He goes on long business trips and makes 'phantom futuristic money' They're living on Irene's money, its enough to get a nice SUV for the family in addition to the Honda they had, but suddenly Peter wants his own SUV for his 'business trips' So 'they' get him one and then 'they' buy a plot of land and start to build their dream home. Somehow along the line Irene loses her job, with 3 kids in school and bills coming in, things start to take their toll, Irene needs to start her own business so she decides they should mortgage their house, but oh wait Peter remembers he's sold their house for a fraction of the price they have invested in it a couple of months back and forgot to tell her and oh they have been living on the proceeds since then.

Moral of the story? Marry a rich man or at least be the Peter cos it'd suck to be Irene. At least that's what i took from it. You? So did i convince you yet? Are you about to send off a subscription for Forbes magazine?

The honest truth is that i do want to marry a rich man and when i say rich i do not necessarily mean Sultan of Brunei (though that wouldn't be half bad) I want a man that's rich in his pocket and rich in his heart because honestly one without the other is pointless in my opinion. There was a time i thought i could marry a guy who didn't have a house or a job and that i'd take care of us both and love would magically make everything okay, but those days are long gone. So i tell everyone who has one brother or friend or colleague that would be perfect for me to add 'rich' to that list and anyone who isn't fine with that can like to wear Speedo and dive into an Olympic size swimming pool.

I am strolling into my metaphorical market and picking up myself the biggest shovel they have there and i'm going digging because out there someone might be digging for a smart, pretty, successful, God-fearing woman and in the wise words of Dbanj his pocket had better be ENDOWED.

Monday, June 28, 2010

One small dose of randomness

I have no excuse and i know it, it's been ages!!! I blame Twitter o, thats why i didn't want to join in the first place, the evil thing has even wrecked my poor 2 year old phone.

I have finished exams but i'm working on a 15,000 word dissertation based on a phantom bill which i only hear about but have been unable to get my hands on. Please whose Daddy, sugar or otherwise, is a senator? I need the Anti-money Laundering bill currently before the house. Thank you in advance!

I am now at that uncomfortable place thats like being at the foot of a bridge and you cant see what's on the other side. Yep, masters officially wraps up in less than 2 months and i really dont know what's next. I have missed Nigeria and i want to go back but i have gotten used to life here, what will i do without lightning fast internet, streaming my TV shows? Oh Starbucks, Iceland- the land of quickie meals. And the 24hr electricty. Sigh, I want the best of both worlds. So i'm gambling, trying to set up something here or at home and whichever one comes through first, but i honestly dont know if i can commit to two more years in this country, especially when most of my friends are moving back. Hmn...I've decided to take one day as it comes, as they say 'man proposes...(woman says yes *very dry joke*)'

*clears throat* I know some pple are already sitting up now. After having a 2 year dry spell (i was so positive my ex had jazzed me or smth) people have been gifting me potential husbands left, right and centre. Everybody wants to hook me up with their friend or boyfriend's friend. Even my sister, gave some dude my number and said that was my birthday present, imagine! Na so e don bad reach? Apparently being single at 25 is the new pandemic that must be cured. My friend was like her Mom had a fit bcos she mentioned she might want to apply for a 2 year post study visa, the woman was like she had to come back to Nigeria and start looking for a husband bcos all her friends' kids who had stayed back were not married. I laughed till i cried, mothers! Like there is one shop in Lagos one can saunter into and pick a suitable groom off the shelves or even be lucky to find one on half price! Anyways, now i have some 'candidates' and i'm trying to keep an open mind, who knows abi?

This thing, the way it disappears ehn, i swear i dont understand. I want to marry a rich man o, for many reasons (infact thats the issue of my next post and i shall explain why)

Well thats all for now, i just wanted to remind y'all that i'm alive and in good health and will be back soon *cross my heart*

PS: who's on twitter? drop ur handle so i can stalk u there too :-)

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

The Truth hurts me too...

Hello Blogfam!

You have no idea how much i missed you (yeah you!) There were so many days when i wanted to blog so much, so many times i just had to get my feelings out there and i couldn't. So in this moment i am thankful that i can take a couple of minutes and download everything i'm feeling and hopefully feel lighter.

My day didnt start so well and it was because i (felt i) had to do something, let someone know something that had been on my mind. Ok, it was my sister's birthday last week and when i called her to say happy birthday she casually mentioned that my 16 year old nephew had been collecting money from her to bribe invigilators at his school to let him cheat. I asked to speak to him and when i asked him what the money was for the silly child replied, "its to dub now" I swear my heart broke in that second. I gave him a sharp talk and told him to pray he's wealthy enough to pay his way through life. When i spoke to my sis i told her she shouldn't have given him the money, she said it was the way his school was and that she didnt want to pay for him to write WAEC more than once. I told her that it didnt work that way, in fact i was so upset i started crying and couldn't talk anymore so i told her i'd call her later.

For days that conversation haunted me, i come from a big family and it made me an overachiever because i felt i had to outdo all of them so they could be proud of me. It drove me to succeed and when i considered all that they had sacrificed to get me closer to my dreams i was determined to work harder. I always had the same dreams for my nieces and nephews especially this particular sister's kids. She married early and left their Dad when they were young, they lived in the family home for a while till she found her feet and remarried. Maybe because things were tough she tends to spoil them a bit, buy them all the latest gadgets and stuff. They grew up into very unambitious teens, comfortable with mediocrity and interested only in "keeping up with the Joneses" So hearing my nephew say that i felt so sad, i expected them to realize all the sacrifices their Mum made for them and work hard to show that they appreciated it but i also blamed my sister for spoiling them.

So yesterday i was talking to my friend about being broke, job hunting, marriage and stuff and i told her that i had been getting a clear message from God and maybe things weren't changing cos i hadn't listened. It reminded me of this saying "to whom much is given much is expected" God wont give you more if you're not responsible with what he has given you. I felt the same was true with my sister because she has been trying for another baby for a while now. So when i woke up this morning i sent her a text telling her that, my sis is almost 15 years older than i am and it was hard for me to send that message but even harder to keep it to myself. She replied and her reply was hard on me, i told her that i didn't send the text to be rude or self righteous or condemn her parenting but because i couldnt see something standing between her and her desires and not let her know. She said she wasn't annoyed but that it made her think and i just feel so bad. I'm not even sure i did the right thing anymore to be honest even though i felt i had to.

So today i realised something, the truth hurts but not just the person hearing it but also the person who has to say it. I love my sister and i dont want any rift between us cos she's the one i felt i could talk to about anything and i'm just scared our relationship has taken a bad hit.

What do you think???

Saturday, May 22, 2010

I'M BACK!!!!

Hello good people, i have missed u all kinds of scatter. I swear i dont even know how to blog again, took me 3 tries to get my password right, that bad!

Exams went fine, thank God, i have done my part the rest is in His hands. My first paper was an eye opener, open book exams are not it at all. I was such a mess. For a 3hr 15 min exam to do 3 questions my first question took me over 1 hr 30 mins and i didnt finish it, i just realised i had to stop and focus on the other two so i moved on and at least finished those ones. At one point i had so many books and papers open that i couldn't find the question paper again. Chai, it was not funny. Anyways i learned my lesson and my next 2 papers were much better. In fact my exams went in this order Good- Better-Best. By the last one i was grinning like a Chesire cat and then i came to my room, caught up on all my tv shows and slept 14 hours straight. I'm only as free as a one winged bird though cos i still have dissertation to write and that one cant be but excellent, anything else wouldn't make sense. Cos its like setting a test for yourself and failing it. I'm writing on Money Laundering, a perspective on Nigeria mostly so if anyone has any tips for me, kindly usher them my way.

I know i have to do a proper update, a lot has happened. Infact i have plenty gist ranging from my text message marriage proposal (yes o! true story) to the crazy going ons in the library. I just wanted to let you all know that i'm back and that i missed you all and i'm going to try and catch up with everyone.

PS: Is anyone a Greys Anatomy fan? Did u watch the season finale? I was breathless the whole time and then i cried like two buckets, slept, woke up, remembered it and cried one more bucket. It was awesome sha, sad but awesome.

PPS: Pls forgive me if i shelled, exams have squeezed out every ounce of good grammar in me. I'm on the road to recovery.

See you soon!

Monday, April 5, 2010

Forced Hiatus!

Hi people, i know i have been MIA but its definitely not voluntary. I start exams in a month and the pile of workload i have to defeat is daunting. So this is just to say i am alive and well (in case u cared enough to wonder :-)) and to say that i will be back in full force by May ending.

See u soonest and wish me luck! I intend to dedicate my distinction to the good people of blogsville.

Friday, March 5, 2010


Hello peoples, its been a while abi? Men time runs like x2 in these zones, its like i blinked and the week is over, the days seem blurred into one huge mass. So much and yet so little has happened, you get? Its been like this:

School: Lectures are starting to wind up, last lecture is on the 25th of March. Been reading and yet i havent made a dent in my workload. As for my thesis, i dont even want to go there, since my last meeting with my supervisor like 3 weeks ago, i havent touched the thing. I plan to get into it tomorrow (have said this like a million times already) I just dont feel the pull to read and its bad, being on a scholarship means i have to work extra hard to prove to the scholarship board that they made the right decision and that i should be here. Plus i'm considering a PhD studentship so i need to get a distinction.

Money: I'm so broke!!! As in really really, maybe i havent made some wise spending choices in the past, scratch that, i havent made some wise spending choices and i know it. I wish i could be more disciplined as far as money is concerned but as much as i have tried in the past i just cant. Its not just about shopping (which i'm guilty of) but also there are times i just dont value money as i should. Like when i go "oh its just a pound" but when you do that like 10 times it isnt just a pound anymore, you get? So i have sent several SOSs home and i hope i get a bailout soon, if not.....*shudders* "FB yardsale"!!!

Love: Ah the tricky one! My love life has been non existent going on 2 years now, and for lack of a better word i feel "frisky" Pull ur minds out of the gutter people! I miss the intimacy of a hug, a cuddle, a shared smile heavy with meaning, a kiss! I miss having someone thats the one i can tell everything to, the one i want to tell everything to. Ok sappy moment over! My ex and i still talk, fight over stupid things mostly and i know we should be giving ourselves time to let go but we're not so...that's that. Plus i just found out that this nice guy i met just before i left, who seemed almost perfect, like if i had a list (which i dont) he ticked off almost every box, has a girlfriend. I dont know why i'm so bummed by this fact, i didnt expect him to hold out a year for me, we only saw once and spoke on the phone like 5 times but i feel so let down. Is it wrong that i'm secretly wishing he breaks up with this girl just as soon as i get back??? I'm a bad bad person right? She's probably just perfect for him . I mean they work together(i wouldnt want that though, on the up side it would be nice exchanging hot and heavy winks at work) they both went to Ivy League schools and thats all i know. So i'm sad! God, you know you have to give me a "perfect man" (read as perfect for Neo) so that i wont think of all the ones that got away. Amen.

Friends: My friends are awesome, they are supportive, they are they and they (seem to) love me flaws and all, so i'm grateful for friends, old and new. I'm also grateful for my blogsville friends. You guys sincerely have no idea how much it means to me, the fact that you take out the time to read my stuff and drop me a line or two. Thank you all so much

Family: I love my crazy dysfunctional family all twenty something of them brothers and sisters i have (yep, Dad is a chief! lol!) They annoy the crap out of me, they neglect me sometimes but one thing i know is that they all proud of me and that means so much to me. I'm grateful for each and every one of them.

Spirituality: I'm finding time to grow into the woman God wants me to be, it hasnt been easy but i'm reconnecting with my faith again and building myself up again. I spend more time in quiet reflection into the word and its like i see the same things in a different way. I'm a stronger person for it and knowing that just makes me smile. In this crazy world all we truly have is our faith.

So people thats it, my life as it is summed up in one page. Please excuse all typos, no time to edit. I have sworn off sleep till i get these 2 chapters staring at me off my plate.

Have a fab weekend.

Saturday, February 20, 2010

The Last thing she said.

When i was younger, i had these friends that lived next door. The first daughter was my "best" friend at the time and she had a younger sister, their Uncle lived with them and was my brother's best friend. I was 10 when their Uncle died in the most tragic of circumstances. Back then the street i lived on was being terrorized by thieves so the boys decided to start a Vigilante group, it was fun how they would whistle to themselves and chase thieves while we would peek from the windows and talk about it the next day. One day their Uncle (Kay) heard a noise in their compound and decided to check it out, he found a man trying to break into his brother's car. The thief had a machete but Kay attacked him and overpowered him, the noise woke his brother who got out his gun and in the dark night saw a man with a machete about to strike another, he shot. And that's how Kay died. It was a really sad period, we were all devastated but i remember my friend's younger sister was more so than anyone else. You see the day he died Kay had bought stuff from Mr. Biggs and refused to give her another meatpie, in her anger she said something most of us had said once or twice. She said "eat it alone and die alone"

And he'd died that night and it broke her that that was the last thing she had said to her uncle whom she really loved. That was around 14 years ago.

Another friend of mine lost her Dad yesterday, he had been sick a while and had just returned from surgery abroad when he died. Her Dad was a really nice man, he genuinely seemed interested in what was going on with everyone of us kids that had grown up on our street. Anytime i went over to theirs he would say "Is that Neo?" It was sort of a customary greeting, one i had grown accustomed to and maybe took for granted. Like i would always go there and he would say "is that Neo?"

His death got me thinking about my own father. My father is pushing 80 and has one stroke and prostate cancer behind him. He now has a live in nurse to help take care of him and doesnt talk much these days. It's hard to see him like that cos my Dad was a strong, proud, tall man. He had the sort of personality that filled a room when he walked in. He's a chief and so when i was young i remember troops of people from the village coming to the house to ask him to settle one dispute or the other. He used to call me his GF(girlfriend) Then he got sick and everyday i felt like a part of him was slipping away and i started to slip away too. I didnt want to see him like that, weak and tired. I wanted to preserve the memories of my hero and that was how i wanted to remember him. I started to prepare myself for the day he would die, i told myself that i would be able to handle it cos sometimes it seemed he was gone and all that was left was the shell of the man he had been.

But today it just hit me, that i cant remember the last time i saw him or what he said, all i have is a vague recollection of that day. I cant remember the last thing i said to him. We're not a family that's big on I-love-yous but i want to tell my Dad that i love him and that he was a good father. He taught me one of the biggest words i knew at 5, he used to say i looked "psychedelic" each time i just had my hair done. He used to take me everywhere with him.

Right now all i want is to see my father, even if it means sitting in silence or holding his hand and making him feel as safe as he made me feel. So each morning i pray for him with a renewed fervor that God keeps him alive so that i can see him again, talk to him again.

Thursday, February 11, 2010

What do we mean when we say "I want you to be happy?"

Really, what do we mean? I'm asking because i need to evaluate myself and what i meant when i said those words too. I meant it but probably on just one level, be happy as a person because the one of the reasons my ex and i split up was because he was just very unhappy (his best friend died and all of a sudden it seemed like part of him died too) not be happy as part of a couple that doesn't include me So in the post-breakup talk i said "i just want you to be happy" Now i wonder what did he think i meant?

We think of the 1st Corinthians love when we think of love.

Love is patient, love is kind, it doesnt envy, it doesn't boast, it isn't proud, it's not rude, it's not self seeking, it is not easily angered, it keeps no record of wrongs, it doesn't delight in evil but rejoices with truth, it always trusts, always hopes, always perseveres and it never fails.

But we forget that sometimes love is selfish and self seeking, we want love to make us happy, sometimes at any costs. I'm not saying the 1st Corinthians love is not achievable, i'm saying i haven't gotten there yet. God is the only one i love with that kind of love and for everyone else i'm a work in progress.

My point is when i broke up with my ex and told him that i wanted him to be happy, i meant "be happy by yourself" not with some other girl that makes you smile the way i did. When i realized this a few days ago i gave myself a hot mental slap, I was a bad bad person, it was selfish, how could i claim to love him as much as i did and not want him to move on, i was trying to move on, didn't he deserve the same? Then i thought about it and realized that i didn't want him to move on because i loved him, not because i wanted him to sit in a corner for the rest of his life and rue the day he lost me. I'm not a bad person, i may be a selfish person but if i am love made me this way.

How did i get to this point? When we were together he told me once that I WAS IT! That if for some reason we didn't end up together he was done with love (might i add here that his ex cheated and then dumped him for his friend) Being the love cynic that i am (dont blame me, i grew up with a dozen brothers so i have the inside info) i never believed him and i was like "yeah right" But when i spoke to him a couple of days ago and asked if he was seeing anyone now, he didn't give me the standard i'm-still-in-love-with-you i expected he just said the whole process or build up to being with someone else was just too stressful for now. Silly as it sounds, i felt betrayed, like he couldn't even be bothered to lie to me anymore, like he had given up on "us" I would have liked him to tell me that he wasn't dating because it would have been hard to find someone that was better for him than i was, i'm not saying i would have believed him but it'd have been nice to hear. I'm not saying that we'd ever get back together, i would have at least felt better if he still "lied" to me.

I just think that if you've really loved someone in that strong way that the magnitude only truly hits you when they're gone you cant say "Go ahead and be happy" and mean it a hundred percent. You think "i should be the only one that can make you happy" "you should be incomplete without me" You think that way because maybe, just maybe he/she is the only one that can make you happy or complete. Maybe or maybe you're just a screwed up selfish grinch of a person.

So i need to know if i'm just some badly wired emotional dysfunctional human being, that's why i'm asking if you've said or those words what did you mean?

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

I am not my Hair!

Okay i'm back and better! Sorry for that my last depressing post, as far as Nigeria is concerned we can do the best we can as individuals and hope that its enough, cos what else can we do???

Anyways to the matter at hand, aha my hair. Where do i start? I have a love-hate relationship with my hair, though its mostly hate-hate right now.

My ex decided to go all dreadlocks on me one time and i hated it, he looked so unruly! I complained about it so much and then one day we were in the car and i was nagging him about it, he didnt say anything he just skipped a couple of songs on the radio till India Arie's "I am not my hair" came on. We had a good laugh about it but today i was just thinking about it and i miss my old hair, the one i had when i was in primary school till that evil secondary school made me chop it off. I miss that hair cos i WAS that hair, heck i AM that hair.

It was long, black, silky and very strong. How do i mean? If i were to describe myself and blow my own trumpet simultaneously i would say that i am long, simple in a way that's complicated, deeper than i let people see, not just the bubbly, Dame-smile-a-lot that i let everyone see. I wont cry in public but that doesnt mean i dont feel things. Sometimes i feel "bigger" than the stuff that's going on around me, like little spats.

I am black and proudly so, in all this talk about Mutallab, missing presidents, religious crisis i am sorry to say i will not be wrapping my green passport in old newspaper, but on the other hand I am not going around moaning how disadvantaged i am being black, wearing my skin like a badge to force "political correctness" Maybe the white woman on the train didn't want to sit next to you cos u smell like you never heard of soap. Don't get me wrong i do not intend to belittle the racist debate, it does happen but it's high time some people stop hiding behind it and get a life.

I am strong, probably cos i had to grow up early and fast, i have been through things in this life that makes me realize that at the end of the day you are all you got, just you and God. No family, no friends. There's a limit to the loyalty i can get from people around me and the sooner i realized that the better for me. How many people out there could you say would 100% die for you? As in die die, not "i will cross the ocean for you and excavate the moon from the sea bed kinda promises" If it came down to it, to taking a bullet who would do it for you? And who would you let?

I am silky, smooth, suave. I can woo LASTMA sef...lol. I have a sweet tongue, more like a double edged tongue, sweet on one side, sharp on the other. Trying to blunt one side though. I know what you want to hear and maybe, just maybe i might tell you. Probably comes with growing up with a gazillion brothers.

So which is why i hate the current state of my hair, its weak, brittle, hasn't made up its mind if it wants to be black or brown. So i have decided to chop it off, not going all Amber Rose on you, have already gone down that path once, this time i'm going for something more chic and yet defiant. Just waiting for the Big Freeze to pack its bags and head back to Siberia and then its scissors here i come.

Take a look at my hair journey....

Yep, it's my hair not a hedgehog!

Attempting to tame the bush

Erm...not very successful

When all else fails...cornrows (aka Ghana weaving)!

Or my fave...braids or as i like to call em Get-up-and-go!

Finally, my future look! (future being anytime from now to say 6 months).

So thats it! I'll be taking this pic to the salon and when i get the semi-big chop i'll put up a pic and see how well they did.

Sheesh this uploading pics is helluva work! Off to dinner, dodo and peppered stew!

Monday, February 1, 2010

Why are Humans so wicked???

I came here to type a really nice, maybe funny post about how i have been putting off updating my blog and how i had to force myself to do it before i lost all my wonderful followers (thank all of you who take the time to read my (mostly) rants and comment, as for my last post i'm taking popular advice and giving love another chance)

Anyways i was just on facebook and someone put up a video about the Jos crisis, i read the warning and i still watched it, so i have none other but myself to blame. I just had dinner and i swear i can feel all the food in my chest refusing to go down. It was just horrible! It wasnt even that graphic, cos the camera was shaky and the people were not in focus, but i watched soldiers drag men off a truck and fired shots at them, multiple times. I cant seem to get the image out of my head and i wonder how i'll sleep this night. It gets me wondering how do they sleep at night? Dont those images haunt them? The countless faces of the people they've killed? Knowing that you put an end to a life. I just dont get it.

Even if you dont believe in God or an after-life, dont you believe in humanity? Even if those people they shot were the fundamentalists that had killed so many others, is that the answer? Do you fight fire with fire?

I'm honestly so depressed right now and i dont mean to put it out on you but i just needed an outlet to get this out.

Friday, January 15, 2010

Love Cynic

Ok so i am strapped in front of my computer after giving myself a stern warning not to so much as look up till i have successfully updated my blog. I need to work on getting that PA seriously, the closest i've come is getting my friends to chat for me...hope they dont read this though. Meanwhile the subject of my last rant is still acting her one man drama. Updates on that later. To the matter at hand...love matters.

Lately i have become a cynic (i was always the realist though but i think i'm being pushed over the edge) especially when it comes to love. I have just become so disillusioned with it that i have decided i can do without it. Dont get me wrong o, i'm not about to dash off to the pound and pick myself up a litter of kittens. I'm not saying i want to be the spinster-aunty forever knitting horrible sweaters nobody likes. I'm just not holding out for the Derek-meredith-you-make-my-world-stop kinda love. I've since modified my standards. I'm looking for a friend, a companion. Even God realised Adam needed a companion, not some hot babe that mad him go ga-ga. Well he did have nothing to compare her to. So i want to meet a nice guy, we become friends and one day decide to take it to the next level, nip into the registry, sign the dotted lines, make 3 cute babies and live happily ever after. Who cares about butterflies in the stomach and "seeing into me" Dude better have a steady 9-5, be "lookable" for the sake of my CUTE children, fear God and not make me want to pull my hair out.

Now how did i get this way abi? I mean up till early this year i was still crying when watching Grey's Anatomy and Love Happens and all those "branding love" movies. Infact i blame the movie industry for driving me over the edge, where in the world am i going to find Mcdreamy unless i crawl into Shonda Rhimes' head and she spits me into an episode of GA? I mean the dude is deevine looking, has better hair than i do, he's a rich neurosurgeon that should look at me like i'm the only thing in the world. Infact i'm emotionally scarred now, i should sue!

Real life isnt any better, i havent been in a relationship in a year and i havent "met" anyone else. I've been content with trying to make myself a better person and "learning to love myself" (cliche i know) but the thing is in the midst of all this i'm getting notifications everyday A is married, B is engaged, C is in a realtionship, D batted her eyes at E and the like. For a moment i felt something like i wanted a part of that but when i sat down to ask myself what it was i wanted i realised that the images that popped into my head werent of me waking up beside my Adonis for the rest of my life, but rather they were of me designing THE DRESS with my good friend Vera Wang or strolling into Cartier to get my rock. I wanted to have a wedding the same way you sometimes feel like having a party, i wasnt thinking about a marriage. In lawyer speak i was looking to the form and not the substance, when the substance is everything. Some people get married and the next day i can almost picture them going "ok, what next?" There's no what next, that's it, that's the rest of your life and you'd better be damn sure it's one that you can live with.

I'll illustrate my point with several random cases.

Case 1
Boy and girl have been dating for years. Girls concludes masters abroad, boy comes over for graduation and proposes. Girl is already picking out wedding dresses. Boy visits Ex-girl while in London. Ex-girl's best friend tells Ex-girl to be careful cos Boy proposed to girl, Ex-girl says it's not true, Boy came to London just to see her.
Funfact: Boy used to beat ex-girl and apparently beats Girl. Me? surprised. Boy is my friend and seems like a really nice person.

Case 2
Boy chases reluctant girl. Girl gives in. Boy says i love you, Girl says i love you. Boys says ur my soulmate and God told me u'll be my wife. Girl is estatic, tells friends. Almost one year on, Boy calls Girl up, says I'm sorry, have met soulmate and the woman God wants me to marry and i love her. Girl is heartbroken, she trusted Boy. Tells me, should i wait for boy? let him know i'm here for him if he wants me back? Me? (want to smack her in head, u nuts?) Instead lovingly say No, you shouldn't, u'll meet better guy.

Case 3
Boy meets Girl. Boy nuts about Girl. Boy chases Girl for 2 years, with grand displays of love, one featuring yours truly. Girl is sad, wishes she loved Boy as much as Boy loves her, says there is no "spark" Me: Boy is nice, good guy, give Boy chance, might grow to love Boy. Girl agrees, dates Boy. Boy is perfect boyfriend. Months later Girl dumps Boy, still no "spark"

So tell me, why wont i be a cynic?

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Familiarity breeds silly people - A Rant

Happy New year my people

If they had told me i would start the blogging year with a rant i would have said a vehement NO but here i am about to proceed on a rant that will be full of grammatical errors and typos i will not even bother to correct bcos i am just so....i cant find the word, i will use "full" like i'm about to burst.

Why are people so shortsighted that they cannot see beyond the tip of their nose? Why will people go and knock on the devil's door and say "Satan biko, pls let me be your instrument to derail Sister Neo from the path of her righteousness" Why why why? I swear the next time i hear a person say "it was the work of the devil" I will cast the first stone.

This was why i wanted to leave facebook in the first place, it is just an avenue for some pple to come and say rubbish to you in the name of "friendship"

Incident One
It all started with this guy in my school, we met through a forum for Nigerian students which i incidentally started (when i go learn abi?) Anyways we became "friends" on facebook. When i took my braids out, i just combed my hair out into a huge 'fro and my friend took a pic of me and i uploaded it as my profile pic, a lot of my friends teased me about it cos yes if i had gone out like that people would have given me concerned looks even in this anything-goes-London. So this my new "friend" now decided to comment on the pic. First he was like wow, Faze should have used u for his kolomental vid, at that point i woulda just laughed it off and replied that he wasnt serious or something. No o, that one no do am, the next second he followed his comment with another quip about him having an Uncle that works with NHS psychiatrics and would hook me up. I was like see me see wahala o, from where to where? My friend was like i should "defriend" him but i was like how would he learn so i nicely commented that we had not progressed to the next level of friendship that would give him the swipe card to making expensive jokes as to my sanity or lack thereof. He was immediately contrite and sent me a msg apologizing and also deleted his comments.

Incident Two
There is this blessed daughter of Christ (in my new resolve to speak only edifying words about people) we were in the same class in Uni. We were not chummy but at least we said hello and spoke when the need arose. Now her boyfriend who also went to Uni with us is in my PG class, so we roll in the same circles. This large circle decided to roll together to see a movie and have dinner last week. Long story short, the pics ended up on FB. There was a pic of him with another guy and his loving blessed girlfriend who is in Nig and missing her BF commented something like this:

BDC(Blessed...): Awww i almost forget wat its like to see u smile
Random person: ............C has a funny laugh
Neo: This C that laughs like Naruto?
BDC: Monkey no fine but im mama like am so...Neo u of all ppl should know that.

it's like, as in? Wetin come bring about that one? I saw the comment early this morning but i was like hmn, ok let me not blow a possibly innocent statement out of proportion. My friends who saw it were annoyed on my behalf and suggested i should ask her what that meant. In my New Year resolve to be the bigger person i replied,

"why should i of all people know, i have no "monkeys" in my closet"

I joked about it with my friends all day, only for me to sign in this evening and realize that she had commented on the pic again. Now it was

"@ Neo: i comment my reserve"

And i'm like ok, there's nothing innocent about this one again o. Wetin i do this babe abeg? I cant even say i am close enough to her BF for her to think i am putting the moves on him (that on its own is a laughable concept to me sef) and the boy really laughs like Naruto, i tell him anytime he laughs. So which one is she now taking panadol on top his headache, she for wait small make them put ring for im finger now.

The most absurd part of it is like soem other guy commented that she was there missing her man when he had been razzling jand babes and he had pics to prove it, the idiot, sorry blessed child could not attack that one o, all she said was "boys will be boys" Imagine that. I'm so riled up now that i want to slap somebody and i have never even slapped somebody before.

Anyways we learn everyday, if i had not been shinning my 31 teeth (my last molar has refused to come out o) with all these people would all this have happened? Ehn? So it is my fault that i am ranting on my blog on the first week of the new year about one inconsequential person.

So please forgive me my people, i hope to return in a better mood.

PS: i actually left FB on the 1st for a record breaking five minutes...lol. Apparently when u "leave", to come back all u have to do is sign back in. Now how does that help an "addict" like myself. Its like telling an alcoholic just to screw the cap on tightly. Hiss. Who can blame me?