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Monday, February 1, 2010

Why are Humans so wicked???

I came here to type a really nice, maybe funny post about how i have been putting off updating my blog and how i had to force myself to do it before i lost all my wonderful followers (thank all of you who take the time to read my (mostly) rants and comment, as for my last post i'm taking popular advice and giving love another chance)

Anyways i was just on facebook and someone put up a video about the Jos crisis, i read the warning and i still watched it, so i have none other but myself to blame. I just had dinner and i swear i can feel all the food in my chest refusing to go down. It was just horrible! It wasnt even that graphic, cos the camera was shaky and the people were not in focus, but i watched soldiers drag men off a truck and fired shots at them, multiple times. I cant seem to get the image out of my head and i wonder how i'll sleep this night. It gets me wondering how do they sleep at night? Dont those images haunt them? The countless faces of the people they've killed? Knowing that you put an end to a life. I just dont get it.

Even if you dont believe in God or an after-life, dont you believe in humanity? Even if those people they shot were the fundamentalists that had killed so many others, is that the answer? Do you fight fire with fire?

I'm honestly so depressed right now and i dont mean to put it out on you but i just needed an outlet to get this out.


48 said...

u strong pass me, i cudnt bring myself to watch that sort of thing. but yeah everytime i think of nig i just wanna sit and cry really...short of outside intervention, i dont see any other effective solutions to our problems:(

Original Mgbeke said...

My dear ehn, some people are just very wicked like you said. You would think that good morals and a sense of compassion and kindness for others would come naturally, but i guess not. It is quite sad.

Helene said...

Those are people who honestly have no souls. They're empty to the core and that's how they're capable of doing such evil things.

It's sick...I'm sorry it got you so down. I'd feel the same way too.

MouthedLadyFan said...

Honestly, it's just awful. Common sense is not common.

Nice blog btw!

Rene said...

it's a really sad case

lani said...

The heart of (wo)man is wicked, who can understand it?