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Tuesday, February 2, 2010

I am not my Hair!

Okay i'm back and better! Sorry for that my last depressing post, as far as Nigeria is concerned we can do the best we can as individuals and hope that its enough, cos what else can we do???

Anyways to the matter at hand, aha my hair. Where do i start? I have a love-hate relationship with my hair, though its mostly hate-hate right now.

My ex decided to go all dreadlocks on me one time and i hated it, he looked so unruly! I complained about it so much and then one day we were in the car and i was nagging him about it, he didnt say anything he just skipped a couple of songs on the radio till India Arie's "I am not my hair" came on. We had a good laugh about it but today i was just thinking about it and i miss my old hair, the one i had when i was in primary school till that evil secondary school made me chop it off. I miss that hair cos i WAS that hair, heck i AM that hair.

It was long, black, silky and very strong. How do i mean? If i were to describe myself and blow my own trumpet simultaneously i would say that i am long, simple in a way that's complicated, deeper than i let people see, not just the bubbly, Dame-smile-a-lot that i let everyone see. I wont cry in public but that doesnt mean i dont feel things. Sometimes i feel "bigger" than the stuff that's going on around me, like little spats.

I am black and proudly so, in all this talk about Mutallab, missing presidents, religious crisis i am sorry to say i will not be wrapping my green passport in old newspaper, but on the other hand I am not going around moaning how disadvantaged i am being black, wearing my skin like a badge to force "political correctness" Maybe the white woman on the train didn't want to sit next to you cos u smell like you never heard of soap. Don't get me wrong i do not intend to belittle the racist debate, it does happen but it's high time some people stop hiding behind it and get a life.

I am strong, probably cos i had to grow up early and fast, i have been through things in this life that makes me realize that at the end of the day you are all you got, just you and God. No family, no friends. There's a limit to the loyalty i can get from people around me and the sooner i realized that the better for me. How many people out there could you say would 100% die for you? As in die die, not "i will cross the ocean for you and excavate the moon from the sea bed kinda promises" If it came down to it, to taking a bullet who would do it for you? And who would you let?

I am silky, smooth, suave. I can woo LASTMA sef...lol. I have a sweet tongue, more like a double edged tongue, sweet on one side, sharp on the other. Trying to blunt one side though. I know what you want to hear and maybe, just maybe i might tell you. Probably comes with growing up with a gazillion brothers.

So which is why i hate the current state of my hair, its weak, brittle, hasn't made up its mind if it wants to be black or brown. So i have decided to chop it off, not going all Amber Rose on you, have already gone down that path once, this time i'm going for something more chic and yet defiant. Just waiting for the Big Freeze to pack its bags and head back to Siberia and then its scissors here i come.

Take a look at my hair journey....

Yep, it's my hair not a hedgehog!

Attempting to tame the bush

Erm...not very successful

When all else fails...cornrows (aka Ghana weaving)!

Or my fave...braids or as i like to call em Get-up-and-go!

Finally, my future look! (future being anytime from now to say 6 months).

So thats it! I'll be taking this pic to the salon and when i get the semi-big chop i'll put up a pic and see how well they did.

Sheesh this uploading pics is helluva work! Off to dinner, dodo and peppered stew!


48 said...

Ooh ur hair's quite lovely...I really like the thickness/volume. If not that short hair is high maintenance, I'd think about doing another big chop.

JuaNita said...

For a moment I thought that was actually a hedgehog..pun intended! Yeah it would be easier to maintain once cut short(er).Though I sometimes regret having short hair, however it does come in handy during rainy days..

Myne Whitman said...

Big chops, hmm I don't have the courage yet, lol. You have nice hair, hope it rebounds..

iphyigbogurl said...

i actually like ur hair....u have nice hair oh...... with the curls after the relaxing and all..that was pretty.
hope u have fun with the big chop. :)


Rene said...

I actually tot twas an hedgehog....lol. I want to cut my hair too but whenever I look at the lenght Iget discouraged

p.S. Update your blog

Neo said...

@ 48, if its volume, that i have. Once i went to braid my hair and after negotiating a price the woman took off the elastic and when my fro popped out she was like "ah! aunty you go add something oh!" i get that a lot...lol

@Juanita, yea i know, when i shaved off my hair a couple of years back i missed long hair, but i'm thinkin cuttin is the way to go now

@ Myne, maybe my hot pic will inspire u when i put it up...no???

@Iphy, thanks dear, ur a part of my inspiration o, that big chop vid.

@ Rene, cut ur hair, u know u want to...lol

Omotee! said...

ur hair looks really nice, esp when it was curled, pls dont chop it off.

first time here, very nice!

shorty said...

I like your hair,i dont have liver to cut my hair o!

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Helene said...

I love the cornrows, especially because of the direction they're going in, instead of just having them straight from top to the back of your head.

Whatever you decide to do, I'm sure it will look great!

Rose said...

I'm a fan of cornrows too...pretty convenient. :-) I've gone low with mine three times..don't think I will anymore. G'luck with your ventures..you'll look good anyway you choose.

muyiwa said...

yeah nice one

Fragilelooks said...


histreasure said...

i'm sure u'l rock it big time..hort hair really works when the hair has thickness n urs does..awaiting d pic..*wink*

kay9 said...

Hair talk, mmm, i think i'll just read other peep's comments.

Anonymous said...