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Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Familiarity breeds silly people - A Rant

Happy New year my people

If they had told me i would start the blogging year with a rant i would have said a vehement NO but here i am about to proceed on a rant that will be full of grammatical errors and typos i will not even bother to correct bcos i am just so....i cant find the word, i will use "full" like i'm about to burst.

Why are people so shortsighted that they cannot see beyond the tip of their nose? Why will people go and knock on the devil's door and say "Satan biko, pls let me be your instrument to derail Sister Neo from the path of her righteousness" Why why why? I swear the next time i hear a person say "it was the work of the devil" I will cast the first stone.

This was why i wanted to leave facebook in the first place, it is just an avenue for some pple to come and say rubbish to you in the name of "friendship"

Incident One
It all started with this guy in my school, we met through a forum for Nigerian students which i incidentally started (when i go learn abi?) Anyways we became "friends" on facebook. When i took my braids out, i just combed my hair out into a huge 'fro and my friend took a pic of me and i uploaded it as my profile pic, a lot of my friends teased me about it cos yes if i had gone out like that people would have given me concerned looks even in this anything-goes-London. So this my new "friend" now decided to comment on the pic. First he was like wow, Faze should have used u for his kolomental vid, at that point i woulda just laughed it off and replied that he wasnt serious or something. No o, that one no do am, the next second he followed his comment with another quip about him having an Uncle that works with NHS psychiatrics and would hook me up. I was like see me see wahala o, from where to where? My friend was like i should "defriend" him but i was like how would he learn so i nicely commented that we had not progressed to the next level of friendship that would give him the swipe card to making expensive jokes as to my sanity or lack thereof. He was immediately contrite and sent me a msg apologizing and also deleted his comments.

Incident Two
There is this blessed daughter of Christ (in my new resolve to speak only edifying words about people) we were in the same class in Uni. We were not chummy but at least we said hello and spoke when the need arose. Now her boyfriend who also went to Uni with us is in my PG class, so we roll in the same circles. This large circle decided to roll together to see a movie and have dinner last week. Long story short, the pics ended up on FB. There was a pic of him with another guy and his loving blessed girlfriend who is in Nig and missing her BF commented something like this:

BDC(Blessed...): Awww i almost forget wat its like to see u smile
Random person: ............C has a funny laugh
Neo: This C that laughs like Naruto?
BDC: Monkey no fine but im mama like am so...Neo u of all ppl should know that.

it's like, as in? Wetin come bring about that one? I saw the comment early this morning but i was like hmn, ok let me not blow a possibly innocent statement out of proportion. My friends who saw it were annoyed on my behalf and suggested i should ask her what that meant. In my New Year resolve to be the bigger person i replied,

"why should i of all people know, i have no "monkeys" in my closet"

I joked about it with my friends all day, only for me to sign in this evening and realize that she had commented on the pic again. Now it was

"@ Neo: i comment my reserve"

And i'm like ok, there's nothing innocent about this one again o. Wetin i do this babe abeg? I cant even say i am close enough to her BF for her to think i am putting the moves on him (that on its own is a laughable concept to me sef) and the boy really laughs like Naruto, i tell him anytime he laughs. So which one is she now taking panadol on top his headache, she for wait small make them put ring for im finger now.

The most absurd part of it is like soem other guy commented that she was there missing her man when he had been razzling jand babes and he had pics to prove it, the idiot, sorry blessed child could not attack that one o, all she said was "boys will be boys" Imagine that. I'm so riled up now that i want to slap somebody and i have never even slapped somebody before.

Anyways we learn everyday, if i had not been shinning my 31 teeth (my last molar has refused to come out o) with all these people would all this have happened? Ehn? So it is my fault that i am ranting on my blog on the first week of the new year about one inconsequential person.

So please forgive me my people, i hope to return in a better mood.

PS: i actually left FB on the 1st for a record breaking five minutes...lol. Apparently when u "leave", to come back all u have to do is sign back in. Now how does that help an "addict" like myself. Its like telling an alcoholic just to screw the cap on tightly. Hiss. Who can blame me?


iphyigbogurl said...

some girls sha..... she no attack the one wey she suppose dey attack, na you... tchewww

neways we learn in life...fashy the babe abeg////

i tried to leave fb too...i couldn't.. :(

Myne Whitman said...

LOL at leaving facebook for 5 mins. Some of these comments, you just jump am pass. At least the first guy apologised.

Neo said...

@Iphy, i have left the babe behind along with 2009, i cant shout abeg.
maybe we shd start a support grp for FB junkies!

@Myne, exactly and i did feel maybe i was too harsh on him after he apologised.

JuaNita said...

chei! I had to look up inconse-who-tial in the dictionary lmao!
Thats FB for younow..you have my blessings to slap o..tell us when and where we'll be there! hehe

48 said...

Lmao @ the entire content of this post...this is why my privacy setting on fb is on some serious thing. But yeah yarns from inconsequential people=inconsequential so I def wudn't even bother.

Helene said...

That was SO wrong of that one guy to call you out on your picture!! I'm glad to hear he apologized...that was pretty cool that he was big enough of a person to admit he was in the wrong!

Sumptuous said...

Happy new year neo and dont mind all those yeye people.

Neo said...

@ Juanita, wish i cld slap from here o!
@Helene, i respect him for that
@ Sumptuous, o girl u loss o! Happy new year to u too!

Neo said...

@48, my point exactly, jus needed to let off some steam here.

exschoolnerd said...

facebook and the drama that goes on there..some people like to pass deir boundary on that website..thnk God its possible to remove people..imagine if u couldnt?

muyiwa said...

yeah u right,some people always do annoying things ,imagine one local girl causing people in london on facebook yesterday and she lives there too,i deleted her without waiting,no bad luck this new year.