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Sunday, December 20, 2009

Unchristmassy Christmas???

Its been over a week since my last update, it's not that i havent had stuff to write about, I AM JUST TOO LAZY TO TYPE! I honestly wouldnt mind a volunteer PA that i could dictate my posts to. Maybe that's what i should ask Santa for instead of my page long wishlist.

Anyways it's the holidays and i'm not feeling Christmassy yet, if i was back in Nig, i would probably have left Lagos for PH, would have sat down with my siblings to snicker at my Mum's "assorted" Christmas decor. At Christmas my house often looks like its been decorated by a schizophrenic dwarf, all that low hanging garish christmas garb. We hardly have the heart to tell my mother they make the house look awful, well sometimes we do and she goes on and on about it being her house and she can decorate it as she pleases, either that or she asks you to buy her a 20grand christmas tree. So we often let that sleeping dog lie.

It's been ages since we had one of those big family christmases, everyone would sleep over and then by 6 we'd be up, the boys freezing drinks, killing the goat and the chicken (threatening the dog too) and the girls washing a ton of rice in this big pot you could cook us all in. For the rest of the day, the house would be like a soup kitchen with people trawling in and out, from neighbours, to family friends, to villagers in town for christmas and before you know it the ton of rice would be gone before we even had a taste. Not that we really minded cos as kids then everybody else's mother's food tasted better than yours or maybe it was just longthroat.

There was this thing my neighbourhood kids used to do, we'd make a list, we used to call it a "promise book", with all we wanted for christmas and then take it round to older people who would sign it either promising to buy something on the list for us or give us some money towards it. Those were the times, now i have decided to compare a typical 8year old Neo promise book with her 25 year old counter part.

7 year old Neo
Hausa Slippers
Barbie Diary
Disco light canvass
Roller skates
Jansport backpack
Toy cooking set S
Darling curls braid (usually to Mother) Mulberry bag

24 year old Neo
500 pound ASOS voucher
Blackberry Storm 2
Samsung 12.2MP camera with smile detection
Converse All Star Light Ox
Lolita Lempicka perfume
14" Brazillian weave

I like to think i havent changed much, just advanced with the times. Lol. You know the best part about my wishlist? Wishes do come true, Santa: I believe!

Anyways i'm spending christmas at my friend's just me, another friend, my friend and her two sisters. Plenty of estrogen abi? My flatmates have all gone to their homes and i miss them, well not so much them as their familiar noises and smells (cigarette smoke in the corridors) We werent the whole "oh-we're-the-best-flatties-ever!" but we did get along. Plus i didnt get to see the Taiwanese guy before he left, hope he sha brings me back some of that pineapple cake he gave me the other time. Anyways i ramble. School is deathly quiet save the now familiar sound of luggage tires rolling along the concrete. Sigh.

This week promises to be fun, its my friends birthday on Tuesday and we have lotsa stuff planned, a trip to seaworld, dinner, paintballing (i hear those things sting like mad, must not get shot!) and ice skating at Hyde Park (i plan to cheer them from the sidelines, last one was not fun! Nothing fun about falling flat on ur ass so many times u start to look feeling on ur cheeks) Details coming soon, but in the very likely event i do not blog before then MERRY CHRISTMAS AND HAVE A WONDERFUL NEW YEAR IN ADVANCE.

P.S: If you havent, please go see Law Abiding Citizen, my mouth was literally open the entire time. I loved it and not just bcos i got to see Gerard Butlers butt! But oh what a butt!


Rene said...

I love Law Abiding Citizen.
Merry Christmas to you

Azazel said...

Especially the part where they kill the judge

Myne Whitman said...

Your wish list is not bad at all, hope some do come true and you have a fantabulous Christmas. LOL. My house is a bit like yours except my mum lets us do the decorations too, I'm gonna miss all of them sha.

PS, I loved Law abiding citizen, great film! And yeah Gerard did not disappoint.

Bosah C. said...

I loved law abiding citizen too!
merry christmas in advance!!

Bosah C. said...

oh and this is iphyigbogurl by the way

Neo said...

@ Rene, that movie was wickid! have a happy holiday!
@ azazel, yeah that part was jus evil! burying the dude alive with an oxygen tank!!
@ myne, thanks! i hope so too :-)Have a great holiday!
@ Bosah C...why the change of name na, i like iphyigbogirl o! Merry christmas to u too!

muyiwa said...

yeah the movie is good,have a merry xmas and wonderful new year

Enoch said...

Jamie let me down in Law Abiding Citizen. Twas like he wasn't even trying. But I like the National-defense-asset-superman idea. Not that it's new but it never gets old.

Your xmass house sounds like mine.

Helene said...

I love the list comparing what you wanted as a 7-yr old to what you'd want now as an adult. What would we do if modern technology had never come along? LOL

musco said...

hmmmmmm.PA to type ur posts?

wishing u d best in d new yr!

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