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Friday, December 11, 2009

That Four letter word in Red!

What did you think? Love? Nah, that one doesnt get me as excited as this one. I love a sale. Its not just because its cheaper because for me when i really love something and i can just about squeeze it i'll buy it, instead of stalking the shop to see if it has gone on sale. I love to shop, riffling through sales racks is like a treasure hunt and sometimes you find a real treasure!

I decided to do a post about sale, shopping and (most) women the other day, i was in traffic and just staring out the window when i saw this men's shop doing a massive closing down sale. Everything was 10 pounds and i mean everything and there were huge sale signs everywhere, some of the displays were even outside, i could even see this nice puffer jacket and i was like What!!! Strangely though, the store wasnt that full, there were just a couple of guys milling about, some would stop, look at the display and just continue walking. I couldn't believe it, infact i almost got off the bus just out of loyalty to the big red SALE sign. Why are men so retail-challenged (for lack of a better word)? Dont you feel the thrill from shopping? I even love the anxiety of buyer's remorse cos anytime i feel it, all i have to do is take out those lovely shoes, try them on and do a Beyonce in front of the mirror to remind myself why i fell in love with them in the first place.

Anyways, back to the point, i imagined that this was a store that sold stuff for women on a massive SALE like that. There was traffic on that road right? It wouldnt have compared to the one that would have occured if indeed that had been the case. Women love a SALE, a bargain. We love to buy cheap nice stuff and then gloat about it to the unfortunate ones who were not there to cash in on the action, e.g
Girl A: I love your bag, its so nice
Girl B: *hikes bag higher onto shoulder* Thanks o, i got it on sale for 10
Girl A: *shrieks* It's a lie! 10 ke. Ah B, ur a bad friend o, and you didnt call me
Girl B: But you were writing finals that day now
Girl A: Ehen, so? I could have finished earlier

Lol! Ok maybe i exaggerated that a tad, but you catch my drift. Anyways i'm stuck here for Christmas so i plan to make the most of it. After a nice Christmas dinner with my fellow unfortunately-i'm-here-for-Christmas friends, i plan to retire to bed early, wake up promptly by 5am Boxing day and be on Oxford Circus by 6am. Yes, laugh all you want now, you wont be laughing when i'm sporting my new threads, hehehe. Plus i need the retail therapy to help me get over the depressing thoughts of missing Christmas with my family (who would be cruel enough to deny me that?)

In other news, i've been trying to get a holiday job for a while now,(all those stuff wont pay for themselves) i went for an interview at Abercrombie and Fitch yesterday and that in itself was an experience. The store is tucked away in one obscure corner and it took my friend and I, 30 minutes to find it. First there was no advertising whatsoever, my friend actually pointed out this place with a lot of people in the foyer, including one semi naked man! I was like "yeah right, does that look like a store?" How wrong was I! That was the place. We went inside and it was like a club, complete with dim lighting, loud music and tons of people and i was like "seriously?" They use models instead of mannequins which i think is pretty cool cos a mannequin cant tell you about the merchandise they're displayin plus some of those things are really scary. Anyways there were just a lot of hot, young, blonde men some of whom were missing a shirt.

I finally found the office and went for my interview. My friend and i were looking all "i'm-professional-you-should-hire-me" and everyone else was in flannel shirt and jeans. I started to feel like a royal family secretary with a stick up her ass! Honestly those people have hit the jackpot, with no media advertising whatsoever, the staff is basically it. Why spend millions on advertising when you can pay a bunch of college kids minimun wage to do it for you and it works. You shoulda seen the number of girls in that store! Lol.


My World said...

I loooooooooooooooveeeeeee a sale too!
lol @ royal fam secretary!

Azazel said...

Lmao @ royal fam secretary.. WHYYYYYYYYYYYYY!!

Myne Whitman said...

I thought it was love, sheesh. LOL. Everybody loves a sale, esp bargain hunters like I try to be. Congrats on the job, guess you got it?

histreasure said...

yep, i thought 'love'.
men and shopping..makes me shake my head.

lmfao @Royal secretary..so how far with d job?

Helene said...

I love a good bargain!!! I will shop and high low until I find a good deal!

Hope you got the job!!

Neo said...

Knew i'd get u all with the "sale" and "love" thingy, hahaha.

Havent heard from Abercrombie yet, maybe i did come off as a royal fam sec! lmao!

muyiwa said...

sale,sale,sale,na u ladies like am pass,that abercombie store must be nice as you described it

Enoch said...

I still can't understand why girls go crazy over a sale like it's some potent pheromone. Even Tiger can't attract more chics than a sale sign.

A&F is just a crazy store. I like their tees&hoodies but I love the in-store entertainment even better.

Neo said...

@ Enoch, u been gone a while, thot u'd been taken up into heaven...lol

i say sales is to girls as soccer is to boys
A&F is really crazy, very unusual. Wouldnt go out of my way to get their stuff but still....nice