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Saturday, September 5, 2009


Okay brace yourself for an early morning rant (its no longer morning, those demon pipo in PHCN have been holding the light all day). Before I start I must apologise for my last post, that semi-comprehensible mumbo jumbo that I posted yesterday. I was definitely under the influence…of what now? That, I am yet to discover.

It’s Saturday and my day started at 7am, you see I am not fortunate enough to belong to one of those households that permit the luxury of a Saturday morning lie-in. No way hose, as my niece would say. I wake up at 7am on a Saturday morning and everybody is staring at me like they would like to meet the Prince Charming that woke Sleeping Grumpy from her 8-hour slumber. It’s no joke o! My nephews and niece wake up between 4am and 5am mostly but on weekdays now that is a different story. I think they just enjoy wasting time and making me late for work (well that no longer matters seeing as I am currently “taking some down time” haha I dubbed that from the last Marian Keyes I read. It’s code for I got canned, I don’t have a job. In my case I canned the job though for another kind of work…school) Plus, this Saturday I know that I will not enjoy the luxury of resting the day away. The new house-help we got received news yesterday that her Dad had died. Permit me to digress at this point, some people can be so insensitive, the dude that called to tell her ended up speaking to me, he was more concerned about his credit and was like “just tell her the father has died and tomorrow is the burial” and before I could say “hold on and talk to her” he was gone. I was now left with the unsavoury task of breaking the news to the girl who unfortunately wasn’t feeling well that morning. The guy was so insensitive, I mean I get it’s not your father but that is potentially upsetting news that you DO NOT drop like that. Reminds me of this time in Uni, I had this roommate called Phil (Philomena, not a man roomie o!) she was this perky girl (had a boyfriend called Moses and used to sing this funny song about doing everything without complaining) Anyway one morning she got a call on her really bad Chinese handset that was really loud so almost everyone could hear the caller on the other end. The person just went “Oya, Phil start to dey come house, your mama don die” Phil just lost it, she ran out of the room in her underwear screaming and it took several hours to calm her down. I mean what did the caller expect? That she’d say “oh ok I’m on my way” Things are just not done that way, he could have asked her to come home and then told her when she was at home. So in this case I just asked the girl if she had heard about her dad and she was like, “no what happened?” Then I asked her if she had the number for the guy that brought her, she did so I asked her to call him. I just couldn’t be the one to tell her and I didn’t have any details. Anyways she had to leave for Cotonou this morning for the burial at 4pm. I’m not sure she has eaten since yesterday, she said she can’t eat pepper till he is buried. I didn’t know that.

On the flip side I have assumed her duties as nanny/cook/cleaner and barely 3 hours in, I wish this was one time I could tell the “boss” to shove it. Okay please analyze this, my sister went to New Jersey for her vacation and checked her cholesterol level and apparently the result is that we all have to suffer. She says no adult should eat more than one egg in a week! Imagine, so I had to make a healthy breakfast for her husband. So I did, I fried one egg minus the yolk (so like a Ferrari without wheels) some baked beans, one hotdog sausage and two slices of wheat bread. The man took one look at it and said lailai he was not going down that road and conscripted me to make him a proper sandwich with one egg, yolk and all in it. In the process my sis came into the kitchen and asked me who it was for, I told her and she was like “I told you no egg with yolk” I told her he said that was what he wanted and that he wasn’t going on any watch your cholesterol diet. She was now like “Ehn if he gets sick, whether you’re married with kids or not you will come and look after him.” I was so pissed at that statement. Which one come consine me, ehn? Did they come and consult me when they wanted to marry, so which one una come put me inside matter? If you want your husband on some special diet then please do it yourself. Am I supposed to be dictating to a 40 something year old man what he can and cant eat, abeg o! I never marry. I want to fight with my own husband not another person’s own. So that’s it, I’ve been in a bad mood since then and I hate it when people upset you and then try to stylishly get back in your good graces without actually apologizing. (well she is now back in my good graces sha though she still didnt apologise, if a member of my family apologised for something i think i'd have a cardiac)

So that’s how I started the morning, plus I’m disappointed bcos I was supposed to be leave Lag for PH to see my folks before I travel in two weeks and I cant go bcos I have some business at the bank that I couldn’t conclude on Friday.

Plus, I’ve just told my ex that right now the chances of us getting back together are zero to nil. I told him I saw the stalker at his bday bbq and that I wasn’t okay with that. He said all the things he was supposed to say, how they aren’t really friends, how she just stopped by, he didn’t know, how she even came with her boyfriend. It didn’t make a difference cos like I told him she isn’t the issue. He is, how can you be trusted to make the big changes if you can’t make the little ones? Why is it so hard to ostracize someone that stalked the woman you claim to love, or quit smoking or at least try to or heck even pretend to. It hurts right now cos maybe this is it, just like that my The One has just become One of Them.

Plus i jus met this nice guy with huge potential, so it sucks that i'm leaving in 2 weeks for school when he just got back like 2 weeks ago (talk about bad timing) Hmn since i have mentioned him here he is never getting this link!

Check out Vee’s blog on www.moarsblog.blogspot.com. I have vowed that if it doesnt have 30 followers by the end of next month, i'm pulling the plug o! Call it blackmail, if you like it tell a friend muhahaha *evil laugh*


Nice Anon said...

lol@ chinese phone. Funny!

Buttercup said...

Aww that sucks. Sorry o! I agree with you regarding your ex..

Myne Whitman said...

Too bad about the new guy on the horizon. Good luck with school and if I'm not following Vee, I'm popping over right now.