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Friday, September 4, 2009

Status : Unemployed

Yep u read it right.

Neo is currently unemployed and i wish i had a more interesting reason for being currently unemployed. Like maybe i had just had enough and told The Man to shove it where the sun dont shine. Sadly no, i actually resigned my job at a law firm about 2 weeks ago and stopped last month. No, i dont have a better job (read better paying)

I'm actually going back to school, (gee i say back like i'm repeating a class or like i left yonks ago) Well i'm actually going for my masters and looking forward to it. Not so much the prospect of living alone in a different country (that has got its perks seeing as i had started a movement to decolonize my life) but truly because i love school! the irony of this fact can only be appreciated by my mother who had to drag me out of bed every morning for the 8 years of my rudimentary education. When i was in Law school i was in my element, is it weird that i totally love to read. Okay well at the time i dont love love it o, but i miss it when its gone. I'm a dork abi? i know

Okay its getting really annoying typing this on the PC at home (no router so i cant use my lappie) the keyboard is acting up, so please forgive any prior shelling, i have not been visited by the spirit of Rita, its the damn keyboard that is doing demon!

Does this count as an update? very jumbled i know plus i'm chatting with Aki (my latest bestie!) who is now in Dundee (yes now we planned it) Gosh i'm ruining my writing chops with this horrible post. Please any first timers, if you managed to get to this point i'm not usually like this. if u need proof check out my fictional blog www.moarsblog.blogspot.com.

It took me 3 hours to type this so anyhoos i'm posting. Chai! maybe i'm drunk afterall it is Friday night! Woo hoo!


iphyigbogurl said...

yay me!!
aww...at least its not like u were dismissed.....you are going to do ur masters!!(yay u!!)...lol
this ur post sha ehn.......na wa oh....like u said 'very jumbled'....lol
"spirit of Rita"...kai!!! lwkmd....
that babe has sha suffered.

iphyigbogurl said...

i 4got to add...
Goodluck with school!!

Neo said...

thanks o jare, jus read my post again and major cringing, dont worry i have typed up a nice post to redeem myself.

Buttercup said...

Lol. I cringe after I read every single post of mine. All the best with school!

Neo said...

thanks BC!