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Saturday, September 19, 2009

21 random Things.....

1. I actually typed the heading first so lets see if i can make it to 21!

2. My bestie (B-girl) got engaged today and it was sooooooooo romantic and i actually cried (well aside form the smoke from the barbeque getting in my eyes, i was pretty emotional) She was just bawling her eyes out and she held her man like she would never let go. it was satisfying watching them seeing as her fiance(oooooh fiance!) and I have been planning the perfect proposal for months. We had 4 tshirts made with the words WILL YOU MARRY ME? He wore the ME? of course, and when we popped out she just lost it! So raise a glass to B-girl and S!

3. I kissed my ex at the party.

4. I leave for London at 8:05pm tomorrow and i still have a ton of stuff to do

5. its 1:20am and i'm fagged out but cant sleep.

6. I'm worrying that my suitcases weigh far more than the measly 40kg i'm entitled to.

7. Now i'm thinking maybe 21 was too ambitious.

8. I think what i'll miss most is Nigerian food and i'm bummed i didnt get to eat starch and banga soup before i leave.

9. I wonder if my new FB friend is gay and likes me.

10. I wonder what my flatmates are like and pray none is psycho enough to slit my throat in the middle of the night.

11. Just read Ms Dufa's last post and the picture of Chucky (the evil doll in Childs Play) is still freakin me out, like any minute ill hear ade-doo-dee-demdeleba- give-me-the-power-i-beg-of-you!"

12. I should take a shower.

13. The LAN connection on my laptop is messed up so i'm hoping i can get wireless in my room.

14. I wonder if i'm all talk or whether i can actually date a white guy (i can do it for my kids o, fine half caste babies)

15. I already miss the crazy half of my family in Ptown.

16. Wow, i still have 5 to go?

17. I expected the "new guy"to call but he didnt. No points for that.

18. My ex still loves me. how do i know? well he said it like 10 thousand times today, me? how do i put this...in simplest terms ï dont know"and that cant be a good sign.

19. I need a bath and sleep, maybe i should kill two birds with one stone and sleep in the tub.

20. Not looking forward to the looooooooong flight, on the bright side after tomorrow i can always say i've been to Dubai (the airport definitely counts)

21. I've missed Blogger!


Rene said...

lol @ 21, i think d airport counts.