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Thursday, October 1, 2009


I was going to apologise for being MIA but then i realised i wasnt the only one and that i wasn't missed so i've decided to save my apology for my next big screw up. Wow, i cant blive its been only 2 weeks, it feels like years since i was last year and i have really really really missed blogging. Well a lot has changed and apparently studying for a masters in law is not beans o! I have had a hectic month from preparations to travel, settling down and all. In fact my story long well well. I will have to sit down and dedicate one weekend to a 2page blog.

So look forward to it.



muyiwa said...

you are welcome back

Neo said...

thanks o!


first time here, but welcome back and looking forward to reading more.

Nice Anon said...

hope this long tori no involve your ex or kissing him that is

Neo said...

@solomonsydelle, wow thanks. really flattered that u dropped by, its like being visited by the first lady!
@ Nice anon, ehm...well...ehm...okay no ex in my next post.promise!