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Friday, October 30, 2009

Swine Flu Scare, Araromire and Wings Nite!

Hmn, another blog about 3 random things. I'm getting good at this.

Ok, swine flu first. You know in Nig, with the swine flu scare we just used to be laidback and all, after all na oyinbo pple dey carry all this exotic diseases. I remember when it was "mad cow disease" and then "bird flu" How many of u actually stopped eating beef or chicken? Infact most pple ate them more cos it was cheaper. Basketmouth even made a joke about it, he was all like we cant have mad cow disease in Nig cos those Abokis used to flog the cows all the way from Kano to Lagos, watever madness they had would've definitely left them from all that flogging!Anyways swine flu was never an issue for me back then, but now whenever i'm on the bus or a train and someone so much as sniffles, i start shifting. I even carry a hand sanitizeer in my bag and use it as often as possible. So you can imagine how my heart started to race a coupleof days ago as i was discovering the beginnings of that warning itch in my throat. People it wasnt funny o, especially when i started coughing cos i hardly catch coughs even when i have a cold, plus it probably didnt help matters seeing as i am a bit of a hypochondriac. Kia kia i went to check my symptoms on the swine flu pandemic site and out of like 10 symptoms i was exhibiting more than half. I was so scared, like hey, this people will soon come and put yellow tape across my door and quarantine me and be wearing space suit to shove meals and drugs through my door. It did not help matters when my friend from Dundee told me about a Nigerian girl who had caught the thing and lovingly passed it to her boyfriend and both of them are still lovingly sharing their viruses under quarantine. Na real for better for worse, in sickness and health o! Anyways me i dont think i have swine flu sha, i have bought myself some nice Lemsip and have been downing tea like the first queen who made Earl Grey the new pink! Since i have convinced myself that i so not have the dreaded flu i also noticed my "symptoms" have started reducing, except for my new husky voice which i quite like esp the double take when people call me, like "Ehm...hello...can i speak to Neo?" I swear if i had a bf i would so have a field day with this. Hehehehehe

Secondly, a bunch of us are going to see the premiere of a Nigerian movie The Figurine tomorrow and i so so hope that my expectations would not be cut short cos we've been planning it all week and i have gingered a lot of people to go so now i have started to feel responsible for ensuring that they all have fun. See me see wahala, how do i get myself into these things, I have become the mother hen of the whole thing, people keep calling me to ask how far with tickets? How are we goin? When are we goin? I tire o! Maybe i will be doing headcount by tomorrow nite. Of which a good friend of mine from Nig is around and i invited him and he was like lai lai, how can i pay 10 pounds to go see a movie that they sell for 150naira on the road. I get his point sha, chai I miss home o! I no lie u.

Lastly, it was wings nite yesterday at the bar in school. I hardly go there cos its usually tons of undergrads probably puking all over the place but as i loooooooove chicken wings nothin could have kept me away. My friends and i ordered a modest 20 wings and Coke, though i ate like half of the wings. There were these two guys beside us who had 50 wings between two of them, and if u see how these skinny oyinbos masticated the wings ehn, i swear the souls of those chickens can never rest in peace. They even had a pitcher of their weak ass beers each (i'm no connoisseur on beer o, i have a reliable informant sha) Speaking of beer, soem Chinese dude in the flat next to mine had a party and got so wrecked that he puked in front of my friend's door b4 he passed out. I was so happy to hear that the next morning the cleaner made him clean it under her supervision. I mean what did he expect? Someone else to clean his puke?

Anyways Thursday chicken wings nite have officially become my best night. Yay! Something to look forward to at least.

Okay, jus took Night lemsip and i think it has started working, so goodnight. Forgive any typos pls!


iphyigbogurl said...


i think u'll like araromire. i know some people who have seen it. they say its really gud. i just want it to come to yankee jo!! ahn ahn

i loooove wings too!!!...... omg.... i am gonna order some right now ...lol

dont worry u wont have swine flu...AMEN!!!

Sumptuous said...

Swine flu ke? Blood of Jesus over u, u are covered my sister! Hope the movie turns out well.

muyiwa said...

Hey Neo,thanks for your compliment,i appreciate it,hope u enjoyed the movie,i didnt see it due to my busy schedule,cheers

Neo said...

Thanks guys, i'm much berra now, tho i still sound like Barry White!

The movie was average o, but i had fun tho, details in my next blog!

Eknoreda said...

And no where will you find Araromire at 150 ooo.. na Box Office movie.. so tell your friend!